What a Coupon Solution Is and How You Can Make Money on It

A coupon solution accumulates beneficial deals and discount codes from e-commerce stores and helps users save money while shopping online. It is an efficient monetization tool for high-traffic sites, along with selling advertising banners, making special projects, and placing advertising materials, such as interviews or press releases. A coupon solution can be considered a part of affiliate marketing.

The Structure of the Coupon Solution

This ready-made solution easily integrates into an already existing site. If compared to traditional affiliate marketing, it requires less effort.

The solution might contain the following components:

  1. The front part. This is the page that the visitors of the website see. They can find coupons and discount offers there. Most often, all the offers will be classified by categories. There will be an instruction on how to use the page.
  2. The back part. The editorial team of the coupon platform collects available promotions and discounts every day and places them on the website. Deals and discounts should be understandable and easy to use, therefore they often need some clarification. The editorial team rewrites them manually and includes information on restrictions, the amount of the discount, the validity period, etc.
Affiliate Networks distribute promotional content of the online-stores

3. The customer support. If you deploy a coupon service on your website, customers will eventually run into problems with using coupons as the stores often restrict their usage (minimal order, new users only, newsletter subscription, etc.) So your clients will be looking forward to getting your help. Also, sometimes users want to share their own coupons with the audience. You can’t ignore them as loyalty is essential to the growth of your coupon platform.

How to Make Money on Coupon Solutions

Such solutions function on the CPA principle (Cost per Action). The advertiser pays you a commission for bringing them a customer. This can be a percentage of the purchase or a fixed sum for each confirmed order or invited customer.

The advertiser works through an affiliate network. It tracks new orders, checks which of them were fulfilled, and charges you a reward.

You can use a coupon solution to make money on commerce content. These might be codes for discounts, free shipping, or gifts for customers. The advertiser gives them to you as a tool to motivate users. The theme of the coupon should not necessarily be relevant to your site.

The more relevant the theme of the coupon solution to your website, the better your internal traffic will convert into sales. But you should not regard it as a critical limitation. The larger part of the traffic will come from search engines and not from the other pages of your resource. It might be the target audience for the coupon solution but not your site in general.

An example of the coupon solutions on BusinessInsider.com

To facilitate the process of generating traffic, you should place links to the coupon solution page on your main page, write themed articles that feature links to your coupon solution and regularly talk about the opportunity to get a discount or cashback on your social networks. Of course, the coupon solution page should also be optimized for search engines. This should be the task of those specialists who will deploy it on your Internet webpage.

The traffic of your site will grow thanks to SEO and other tools that will enable you to monetize the traffic.

Traffic dynamic on the coupon white-label platform

Advantages of the Coupon Solution

If compared to more conventional methods of website monetization, this one has the following benefits:

  1. It requires minimal effort and resembles passive income to a large extent.
  2. It is good for your SEO. A strong site domain with intense traffic, coupled with offers from popular brands, creates a cumulative effect and attracts users — not only your old subscribers but also new customers from search services.
  3. It attracts new advertisers in the sphere of e-commerce, too: they will want your traffic.
  4. Unlike advertising banners, it fits nicely in the design of your website and does not occupy too much space. A page with the coupon solution is a result of your promotional creativity.
  5. Ad blockers will not hide it.
  6. It takes less time to deploy it rather than make a special project. Plus, a coupon page solution will bring you income for much longer, if compared to a special project.
  7. You get ready-made useful content. All you need to do is update it.

Affiliate marketing and a coupon solution can either replace the monetization methods that you used before or complement them.

Who Can Use Coupon Solutions

Such a solution delivers the best results on high-traffic sites. These might be not only large online news outlets but also forums or online services. Their target audience can be just as broad as their theme. When people see the solution, they should not wonder why it is there.

To make coupons work, you should find a proper place for them on your webpage. An optimal way out would be to add the coupon solution as one of the sections of the site and promote it using the content that fits the general content of your website. The coupon solution developer will be in charge of most of the optimization.

Another example of the coupon solution on Forbes.com

Where to Get It

Quite often, the developers of coupon solutions have already accumulated vast experience in this sphere. They are ready to share their expertise and techniques to scale their business. By contacting developers to add a coupon solution to your site, you essentially rent out a section of it for a share of the webmaster’s revenue.

The contractor fills the coupon solution page of your site with relevant content, optimizes it for the SEO, and updates it. You get a ready-made solution and new audience.


A coupon solution can help you to make extra money and expand your audience. Feel free to try it if your site generates a lot of traffic. The theme of the website might be not too important. It will not take you too much effort to create a coupon solution page and the advertisers will be updating its content themselves. Yet the profit that you make on it might be rather significant.

If you would like to learn more about coupon solutions, welcome!




CCO at Admitad Projects, develop White Label Products projects, a white-label commerce solutions for websites and mobile apps.

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Egor Frolov

Egor Frolov

CCO at Admitad Projects, develop White Label Products projects, a white-label commerce solutions for websites and mobile apps.

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